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Why Paintball Makes the Best Bachelor Party

Why Paintball Makes the Best Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are a tried and true tradition that should be honored and respected. As a groomsmen, your challenge is this: will you take the same old bar-to-bar route, or will you exercise your manly skill of creativity? Well, this post is for the creative, courageous men who are willing to toss aside the typical party plan and pick up a paintball gun. The most creative option of all: paintball (obviously, according to us). With the number of great ideas that are out there, paintball is a fantastic option when it comes to having fun and hosting a the bachelor party the groom will never forget.

"Why paintball to celebrate the end of your best friend's single life?" you ask.

Avoid the Brown Bottle Flu

The first and most obvious reason is that, unlike a traditional bachelor party, you'll avoid drunken stupor (while on the paintball field, anyhow).  We're proposing good, safe fun that will require a little more athleticism than flip cup (but no less coordination). The paintball field is a great backdrop for the groom and his groomsmen to make memories that they'll never forget. It'll take more stamina and skill than a bar hop, but the bragging rights are much more glorious.

Paintball Vents Anxiety

Competition Cuts Nerves

Secondly, what's a bachelor party without a little competition? Paintball is just that. Getting married isn't necessarily a stress-free task. To cope with the anxieties and anticipation of the big day, the paintball field is a great place to sweat off all the excess pre-altar nerves. The minute the groom steps on the course, he'll have an opportunity to leave his looming thoughts about color palettes, tuxedo rentals and in-laws and be able to loosen up. What's more, it'll be the last chance the groom goes to battle as an unmarried man. That's something to commemorate.

Plan Less

We know you could be one of those rare last-minute planning types, and we're here for you. One of the greatest parts about opting for the paintball party is that it's simple for you. There is no intense planning, no venues to plan and book, and no real effort that you or your guests have to put forth. Just show up and gear up for easy fun that you will be talking about for weeks. It's the easiest way to set up the bachelor party you and your group have always talked about.

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The only drawback might be a couple signs of wear and tear for the big day, but nothing a tuxedo and tie won't cure. Overall, a paintball party is perfect for the groom who likes a challenge and is up for a party that is a bit out of the ordinary. Book your event with us at www.splatterpark.com. Plan to put on your game face and set aside your worries for a day.