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Splatterpark Paintball Games
5560 County Road 109
Mount GileadOH 43338
 (419) 946-4964

The Best Paintball Memberships in Ohio

The Best Paintball Memberships in Ohio

Basically, paintball is the creative solution for every problem. Bored? Paintball. Tired? Paintball. Hungry? Paintball. You get it. There's no better way to make paintball a part a real part of your life than taking things from "just friends" to "official" and becoming a member.

If you and your friends and family love paintball, then there’s no reason to pay for every visit you make to the park. You’ll end up spending more cash over time than if you chose a one-time membership fee. Members can not only schedule a trip for a big event like a birthday or bachelor party, but they can also cure any boring weekend with a healthy dose of splatter.

Elite Membership: For the Hard-Core Paintballer

Let's start with the LeBron James of the Memberships: Elite Memberships are $125 and include a free membership to the park for the year, 3% off purchases at Paintball Ohio, Elite paint pricing, a free AIR pass, and a Splatterpark t-shirt. You can also take a friend as a free add-on, and Splatterpark will give discounts for membership renewals.

Basic Membership: Fantastic Savings for the Paintball Lover

Next, the still-amazing Basic Membership: This pass is $50 and includes free admission, basic paint pricing and a free AIR pass. This is a great choice for anyone who is working with a tight budget and a serious paintball addiction. (Don't worry. We know how you feel.) Between the paint you need (see pricing below) and the cost of air refills for your gun alone, you won’t regret your decision.  


Paint Prices for Members:

Elites can buy 2,000 paintballs for $40, and Basic members can buy the same amount for $50. Considering you can buy extra paintballs at $9 for 100 without a membership, Splatterpark is really offering some tremendous ways to save.

Still unsure if it’s worth it? Let's consider the list of benefits: (1) access to paintball on any day of the year; (2) Commitment to staying in shape to keep your game sharp; (3) fine-tuning your skills to dominate any field; and...(4) did we say paintball on any day of the year? 

Get Your Membership Today!

The stuff of great stories are made here for everybody as they get out, get dirty, and have some fun. Get the blood pumping and the endorphins churning as you think about how and when you’re going to get the flag without getting hit. Duck, dodge, weave, roll and run, all while keeping your wits about you. Just make sure you get the most for your money with all of the options SplatterPark gives you to save.