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5560 County Road 109
Mount GileadOH 43338
 (419) 946-4964

Operation Ultraviolet Airsoft Night Op

Operation Ultraviolet Airsoft Night Op

Airsoft is a very enjoyable sport that not only gives you the opportunity to get in some exercise but also can be adrenalin-producing fun. Airsoft can be great for unique bachelor parties, birthday parties and so much more. Playing airsoft can help you to feel as if you're in the most popular video games, whether your favorite game is Call of Duty or Battlefield. Either way, you can wear your gear and shoot enemies, which is the goal of players in the game. You will be like a real army recruit in your cool protective gear with your impressive shooting skills. This, coupled with the best ammo, will help you to enjoy the ultimate airsoft game.

Better Than Video Games

While playing airsoft, you won't realize that you're getting in a good workout while running around in attempt to "shoot" and escape your "enemies." Airsoft is superior to any video game, because you're actually in the game. Video games are just fantasy, but playing airsoft is an actual hands-on activity that can greatly enhance a person's quality of life, hand-eye coordination and much more. Instead of sitting home bored with the same video games and other activities that you participate in, you really should give airsoft a try.

Operation Ultraviolet Airsoft Night

Ohio’s First Airsoft Night Op Under UV Lights!

On July 11, SplatterPark will host the first night airsoft event ever. Check-in begins at 2:30 p.m., and the event begins at 5 p.m., ending at 11 p.m. Admission is $30 per person, and dinner is included. You will be amazed by the awesome ultraviolet lighting that will be used throughout the event, making the competition more enjoyable and easier to see at the same time. Bring your family, friends or even your co-workers to be a part of the fun. Regardless of who you bring, you and your party will have more fun than you ever thought possible.  

  • Presented by Airsoft Alpha and SplatterPark Paintball Games. Come out and play the first night op in Ohio under UV Lights!
  • $30 Admission with free hotdog dinner
  • $40 Admission +5000 bbs with free hotdog dinner Gameplay starts at 1700 (5:00pm)

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Airsoft is a great sport that can help you get your daily exercise in while enabling you to have an amazing time in the process. If you have been considering giving airsoft a try, but you've been hesitant for whatever reason, why not attend this amazing airsoft event on July 11? By participating in this event, you will have the opportunity to witness firsthand just how much fun airsoft can be. We can almost guarantee you that after playing in the nighttime airsoft event, you'll be aching to get back. We have open airsoft play once a month and we will be holding more Night Ops in the future. Check out our website here to read more about when you can come play airsoft.