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First Time Paintball Guide

First Time Paintball Guide

Few sports offer as much team building and excitement in the span of one afternoon as paintball. It's a fantastic activity for a group outing with friends, for special occasions, and even for children as young as 10 years of age. As with any new activity, most first time participants are nervous that they won't know how to play or have all of the equipment they need for a day at the paintball park.

Basics of Paintball

To give new players a bit of background, paintball is a relatively safe sport, injury wise. Games are played in a wooded area or a concept field. Basically, a concept field is a manmade area with buildings or obstacles to make the game more dynamic. For most games, the number of people present are divided into teams and the objective is to capture the other team's flag. The game can be as strategically advanced as the players want to make it, or it can be an all out game of chasing other players and dodging paintball pellets, whichever the players prefer.

What to wear for paintball

There are options of low-impact paintball, which can be played by children as young as 8 years old. For the traditional versions, the minimum age is 10. Paintball is a great teambuilding activity for work outings, as well as an excellent experience for groups that want to try something new and adventurous. The ages really run the gamut.

Equipment You'll Need

New players generally come as they are. Active players often buy their own guns and equipment, but all of the essentials can be rented to players.

  • Pants. Shorts aren't recommended, even in the hottest weather. The more area of skin that you have covered, the less likely a pellet will break or bruise skin. Additionally, when playing in a wooded field, pants are far better for the terrain.
  • Long Sleeves. Either a long sleeve shirt or something long sleeve that can be pulled over clothes is ideal, again to cover as much skin as possible.
  • Camouflage. Camo isn't a requirement but for those playing in the woods, it can be an advantage. If you wear bright colors, you're a much bigger target for the opposing team.
  • Gym or hiking shoes. Shoes should be optimal for running and climbing through wooded terrain.
  • Paintball gun. Rented guns are generally semi-automatic and come with a tank. The paintball packages vary, obviously a larger quantity for a higher price.
  • Safety mask. It's important to keep the mask on at any point during play to protect your eyes. While paintball pellets don't travel at a dangerous velocity and generally don't hurt very much, they can do damage to an eye.
  • Some people like to carry a pack for extra cartridges, which can also be rented.

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Paintball is an excellent physical activity for older kids and teens as well as adults of all ages. Make it a family trip or just a fun time out with friends.