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Choosing The Best Paintball Gun For You

Choosing The Best Paintball Gun For You

You've been out to the paintball park more than once and now it's time to buy your own gun. This way, you can get used to the feel of your gun while improving your skill - All great reasons to buy your own equipment! But, how do you choose the right gun for you?

How To Choose The Best Gun 

There are many different guns available, and the best type for you will depend on a number of considerations. The price range varies as does the quality, and some guns are better for certain terrain. Here are a few things you should consider when buying your first gun:

  1. How Often Will You Be At The Paintball Park? The number of times you're going to play determines a great deal here. If you're only going to play a few times a season, it might not be worth it to buy a very expensive gun, and the lower priced models will suit your level of play just fine. If you're an active player and want to improve your skill, it might be worth it to spend a little more on the right gun with better accuracy.
  2. Do You Play In Wooded Terrain? For wooded terrain, you want a gun that's easy to carry, optimally a rifle design or with an attachable stock. You should also consider the colors and make sure the gun isn't shiny or bright because that would make you easier to spot in the field.
  3. Do You Play In Scenario or Concept Fields? For concept play, a smaller, more compact gun is optimal. You want to be able to carry the gun close to your body as you move through the bunkers and obstacles.
    Choose a Paintball Gun by Terrain type
  4. Extra Equipment and Maintenance. Before you buy your gun, you want to be familiar with how much repairs might cost and any extra equipment a gun needs. Some guns are more expensive to fix than others, so read manufacturer reviews to get a better idea of the investment -  it might be a better idea to buy a more expensive gun that's easily serviced than a cheaper gun that costs a ton in replacement parts. Some guns will require a compressed air tank or other equipment, so you should know that up front, too.

The Experts At Splatter Park Are Here To Help

If you're new to the sport and would like an expert opinion on the best gun for your level of play, the staff at Splatter Park are happy to help you choose the best gun for you. Our staff can go over all of the differences in the models and tell you which guns are better to use in your favored terrain. If you're not ready to purchase your own yet, Splatter Park rents players the Tippmann Semi-Automatic paintball gun with a tank and various priced packages of paintball pellets.