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Private Parties At Splatter Park: The Perfect Activity For Your Event

Private Parties At Splatter Park: The Perfect Activity For Your Event

Whether you're a mom looking for a great theme party for your son or daughter, or an adult looking for something a little less boring than a simple group dinner, Splatter Park could be the perfect place to host your next event. Paintball offers an exciting activity for all levels of play and there's nothing more fun than playing with your own group of friends.

Benefits To Hosting Your Party At Splatter Park

  • Unique Activity. Whether you're hosting a kid's party or one for adults, paintball offers a unique activity that many people will enjoy. It's a great way to get new people into the game, or just spend a fun afternoon trying something different. For those who are already avid players, it's sure to be a big hit.
  • Team Building. Many companies and work environments find paintball to be an excellent team building exercise. The game allows players to better communicate with one another in a fast-paced environment and to use strategy and team play for a common goal. It's as useful to build communicative relationships as it is fun.
  • Less Work. Parties and events take a lot of time to plan and even more work to prepare for and clean up after. Hosting your party at Splatter Park means the workload is cut down to nearly nothing. You choose your package and invite your guests. We take care of the preparation and any clean up.

Choosing A Splatter Park Package For Your Next Group Adventure

At Splatter Park, we have a number of packages to choose from to accommodate the number of guests and the best day and time.

Team building

Weekdays: Weekday packages are available any time, by appointment. There is a 25 player minimum for both Paintball Mega Rental Packs and Airsoft Admission, and players interested in Airsoft must bring their own gun. 

Weekend: Saturday and Sunday packages are available in morning and afternoon sessions. There is a 10 player minimum and reservation is required.

Weekend Afternoon Packages: There are a number of special packages available for Saturday and Sunday afternoons, including Afternoon Mini Party, Afternoon Mega party, Afternoon Warrior Party, and Afternoon Commando Party. All of these packages are available for a minimum of 10 players and maximum of 50 and they all include a hot dog lunch for participants. Feel free to check out our Weekend Afternoon Packages Page to see the different options available.

Birthday and Group Saver Packages: The Birthday Package is available for 10 - 15 players and includes weekend slots in the morning and afternoon, as well as 2000 paintballs and full day admission. These packages are customizable for participants who want to add extra paintball, grenades, tee shirts, or thermal masks to their package.

Planning An Important Event?

If you're planning an event, feel free to check out the Splatter Park Website and see which of our plans perfectly fit your needs!