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Paintball Safety Tips

Paintball Safety Tips

At Splatter Park, safety is a top concern. Paintball play should be a fun and enjoyable experience. The play is fast and physical and there are some of the same risks inherent in other athletic activities, such as organized sports. Football, for instance, is a full contact sport and there are many precautions a player should take in order to avoid injury. Paintball is not full contact in the same way, usually the only contact a player will have is with a paintball pellet. But there are still precautions we insist upon in our players.

Types of Injuries

Because this is physical play in a wooded area or man-made arena, it's possible to hurt yourself or others through carelessness. Paintball pellets are not dangerous if you're wearing the proper protective gear. 

People who've never played are often most curious about the level of impact from the paintball pellet. They're really not dangerous and most players barely even feel it when they've been hit unless it hits a sensitive area, such as the neck or exposed wrist. Players should take caution of uneven terrain because it's far more common to twist an ankle or bruise yourself crashing into something while playing. Those injuries aren't common, either. Organized sports have more injuries than paintball usually yields.

Paintball Safety Precautions


As with any physical activity, precautions should be taken to limit risk of injury. Here are some of the top safety precautions that should be followed during any outing.

  • Protective Goggles. These are imperative and should be worn at all times during a game. Never remove your goggles in the field and don't remove them when leaving the field until you're safely outside of the play area.¬†
  • Rules About Close Range Shooting. Most fields will have rules about how far away a player has to be if you're firing at them. Pellets can hurt and bruise at close range. There is the option of surrender if a player gets too close to you to fire safely.
  • Barrel Plug. A barrel plug should be used whenever you're outside the field of play to prevent the gun from firing accidentally.
  • Proper Clothing. Loose fitting, long-sleeved shirts and pants work best for a game of paintball. The material covers your skin to lessen impact by pellets and it offers the addition protection against the environment, such as trees, branches, and bugs.
  • Proper Shoes. Athletic shoes or hiking boots should be worn depending on the terrain. This will help with your ability to move quickly and avoid slipping or falling.

Common sense is always the best quality to employ to avoid injury. While paintball play is a fun activity, guns shouldn't be fired randomly off the field and horseplay should be avoided. For more information about Splatter Park, check out our FAQ Page today.