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Splatterpark Paintball Games
5560 County Road 109
Mount GileadOH 43338
 (419) 946-4964

Want To Kill Some Zombies? Visit SplatterPark This Fall

Want To Kill Some Zombies? Visit SplatterPark This Fall

What could be more fun than a rousing game of recreational paintball? Hunting zombies, of course!

Zombie Park returns to SplatterPark Sept. 19 and will continue through Nov. 7. The perfect Halloween season paintball activity, Zombie Park play takes place in the evening, giving our players the full creepy effect of the event.

What is Zombie Park?

For Zombie Park, we've combined the best of an old-fashioned hay ride through the woods with the joy of killing zombies. Your Zombie Park ticket entitles you to the full 20 minute ride on our outfitted hay ride vehicle. During the course of the event, zombies will come out of the woods to attack your vehicle; you and your party will be charged with killing them before they can get to you. Zombies don't have guns, so participants will not be getting shot during the event. Zombies do, however, eat brains, so practice your shooting and make sure you take them out. 

All guns and ammo will be provided at the park. We allow participants as young as 5 years of age, however, we recommend that the parents take into account their own child's maturity. If you think your child might be too frightened by the event, you might want to wait a few years before bringing them. For children who might enjoy the event but not the dark woods, schedule your outing earlier in the evening. All of our vehicles are covered, so there's no need to worry about whether the event will be canceled due to rain. 

There are time slots available throughout the evening for our Zombie Park events. We recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance because slots fill up rather quickly. We do accept walk-ins, but you'll need to wait for the next available slot, which can take some time on the busy nights.

Don't Let The Zombies Eat Your Brains!

Interested in Hunting Zombies this Fall?

Zombie Park events include more than just the hay ride to hunt the undead. All packages include access to our Zombie Target Range Test Facility,which gives you the chance to keep playing once the ride is over. Enjoy a nice fall evening, bonfire, hot dog and drinks and the company of your friends. Packages also come complete with passes to open play for your next great adventure at the paintball park.

For more information, visit our Zombie Park Pricing Page to see what each package includes and to schedule your next great fall outing.