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Splatterpark Paintball Games
5560 County Road 109
Mount GileadOH 43338
 (419) 946-4964

Register Now for The Big Game at SplatterPark

Register Now for The Big Game at SplatterPark

If you're a regular player at the paintball park, or just looking for a new activity, we've got a fantastic event coming this fall at SplatterPark. Our Big Game on Oct. 4 will be a six hour event filled with continuous play, surprises and prizes. For our Future Soldier event, we provide the story, you provide the action.

The Big Game: Future Soldier

The year is 2020 and ISIS has infiltrated American soil. They've managed to steal several prototypes from the Future Soldier Development Center at Fort Bragg. Your mission is to recover these prototypes.

Players will be divided into 2 teams, blue and orange or Bravo and Oscar. Both Oscar and Bravo are assigned the same mission, but with the possibility of spies and sleeper cells, the other team cannot be trusted.

One flag will be used for the duration of play. The team's goal is to capture the flag and get it through the enemy's front line. There will be tactical surprises throughout the day and fun turns of events to liven up the game. As with all paintball play, your participation and sportsmanship will determine the success of the outing. When you've been hit, notify a ref and leave the field. Insertions are timed and are listed on the timeline on the site, so carry that information with you. You also have the option of ReSpawning, and the ReSpawn locations are listed on the map.

The Big Game Is Different From Typical Play

Get Ready to Play 

The Big Game is an intricate day of play. You improve your chances of doing well by being prepared in advance. We recommend that you read through the SplatterPark Big Game Page and familiarize yourself with the maps and rules of play.

While many of the activities during the Big Game will be similar to what players are used to during recreational play, this event is a bit more complicated in back story and planning, and you'll have more fun if you're better prepared for the layout and all of the rules of the event.

Your day of play includes lunch, and there are other snacks and drinks available for purchase. Interested in a full day of non-stop play and a great time? Visit SplatterPark online today to pre-register.

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