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Zombie Park Is Open Through Nov. 7 at SplatterPark

Zombie Park Is Open Through Nov. 7 at SplatterPark

It's that time of year again. Zombie hunters of all ages can gather at SplatterPark for the best paintball games and activities in the greater Columbus area. Whether you're a paintball park regular or are just looking to do your part in the war against the zombie invaders this fall, there is something for everyone to enjoy this Halloween hunting season at SplatterPark.

When we say there is something for everyone at the Zombie Park this season, we aren't kidding. With four separate attractions, your group can enjoy several paintball filled scenarios to get your adrenaline pumping.

Zombie Target Range Test Facility

Need a few practice shoots before heading out and hunting live zombies? Then the Target Range Test Facility is the perfect spot for you. Here you can practice and train with other zombie hunters for the final zombie extermination. New recruits are urged to take shots on the various training targets to get the feel for their weapon and properly prepare for the hunt.

Zombie Hunting Vehicle

Take your position and get ready for the ride of a lifetime on one of our custom outfitted hay trailers, built to help you hunt and eliminate all zombies from SplatterPark. With 32 paintball guns ready for zombie annihilation, you'll be driven through the woods to shoot live zombies and other strategic targets while uniting with other zombie hunters to eradicate the zombie infestation of 2015. 

Try Our Zombie Target Range Test Facility

Zombie Containment Area 52

Brand new for 2015, this attraction is free for everyone on site. Discover where we house all zombies that are freshly caught on site for observation and experimentation. Any and all SplatterPark visitors are urged to visit the Zombie Containment Area for a first-hand viewing of these wild zombies in captivity. While this multimedia attraction is free to all park guests, it is recommended for ages 5 and up. All small children should be accompanied by an adult. 

The Maze at Terminus

Another brand new attraction for 2015, the Maze at Terminus is free to all Zombie Hunting Vehicle riders. You and your group are challenged to make your way through our newly constructed wood maze to see if you can make it out in one piece. Just make sure you take on the maze after you have completed your ride, because we'd hate for any zombie hunters to miss out on their ticketed ride time. The Maze at Terminus is fun for anyone age 5 and older. Small children participating in the maze must be accompanied by an adult.

Zombie Park Is Open Through Nov. 7

Don't miss your chance to help eliminate the zombie infestation of 2015 at SplatterPark. Get your tickets to the fun now, as we only offer 120 spots per hour at Zombie Park. Guarantee your place in line by securing your tickets today and don't miss out on the fun this season.

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