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5560 County Road 109
Mount GileadOH 43338
 (419) 946-4964

Don't Miss Your Chance to Hunt Zombies at Zombie Park

Don't Miss Your Chance to Hunt Zombies at Zombie Park

Residents of central Ohio have been doing their best to fight back against the zombie attack that occurred when a major chemical spill released an unknown biological material instantly creating massive hoards of zombies. The intensive fighting continues at SplatterPark's Zombie Park, which serves as the logistical headquarters to stage the counter offensive against the zombies. Don't miss your chance to joint the cause and join other brave citizens as they attempt to take back our paintball park.

New Recruits Desperately Needed

Officials are worried that the zombies may overwhelm the defensive forces, and are calling on every concerned citizen to join in the efforts to rid the country of this zombie scourge. The schedule for the remaining public sessions at Zombie Park are Oct. 23-24, Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7. 

There are only 120 tickets available each hour, so we highly suggest that you purchase your tickets in advance. You can also upgrade to VIP access and get a line skip pass to the front of the line. If you didn't buy your tickets ahead of time, we can accommodate a limited number of walk-ons.

Remaining Zombie Park Dates are Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7

Zombie Attractions

Make sure you're up for the fight by taking a few practice shots in our Zombie Target Range Test Facility. You'll take shots on our various targets and get the feel for your weapon before going into battle. When you're ready, get on the Zombie Hunting Vehicle hayride to shoot zombies with mounted guns from a protected vehicle. You'll be using a special UV paintball, so it is easy to see direct hits, even at night. You can also visit the Zombie Containment Area 52 to view the captured zombies up close while they are safely contained and unable to cause further harm. At the end of the ride, try to find your way out of the Terminus Maze. If you don't have the best time of your life, you must be a zombie. 

Private Sessions Available

Private sessions for large groups can be booked anytime, except during the big public sessions. Paintball is an excellent outdoor recreation that is exciting, safe and fun for all ages. Our FAQ for first-timers tells more of the story. Zombie Park is a special event with extra attractions that is super exciting. The goal is to fight the hoards of zombies that have taken over the paintball park. This is your last chance to help us save SplatterPark from the zombie menace! Book your ticket now!

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