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SplatterPark's Holiday Gift Guide for the Paintball Enthusiast on Your List

SplatterPark's Holiday Gift Guide for the Paintball Enthusiast on Your List

If you've got someone on your holiday list who's interested in paintball, there's probably nothing they'd like better than some new equipment or a paintball adventure. At SplatterPark, we want to help you find just the right gift for all of the players on your list. Whether you're interested in purchasing new equipment for the seasoned player, or a starter package for someone who's just found out how much fun a paintball park can be, we've got the perfect suggestions to make their eyes light up on Christmas morning. 

Gifts for the Entry Level Player

Entry level players are much easier to buy for because they often don't have any equipment of their own yet. There's not a lot of worry over getting them duplicate items when they usually rent their guns and buy ammo at the park. There are a number of things that are useful in paintball, besides the guns and paintballs. New players might also need their own goggles or mask, protective wear, gloves and gear bags. When looking at guns and tanks for the entry level player, you don't need to focus on the most expensive models. In most cases, new players do best with something sturdy that has a warranty. If they stick with playing and want to improve their skill, they can always upgrade their equipment later. To get them started, you can buy a few of these items for them or get them all in a set. 

Tippman Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Mega Set

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Mega Set is an excellent choice for beginners. The set includes a lightweight gun, mask with visor, paintball feeder, CO2 tank, paintball harness, paintball tubes and oil for the gun. 

Gifts for the Advanced Player

If you're shopping for an advanced player, it can be more challenging to find the right gift. It's a pretty sure bet that they don't need any of the basics, like goggles or clothing. When they have so much equipment already, you might struggle to come up with ideas. We're pretty sure, though, that advanced players would love an advanced gun to match their skill set.

The Empire Invert Mini Paintball Gun with HPA Tank is a great choice for the serious paintball player. This gun is lightweight, compact and super accurate for players who want to compete.

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Our Top Picks for the Holidays 

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Tan Basic Package

Tippmann released an all-new basic option that combines performance and durability with a sleek gun. The set includes the Tan Marker gun, a high-performance paintball mask with a visor and anti-fog goggles, 200 round paintball feeder and a 20 oz aluminum CO2 tank. 

Tippmann Gryphon Vaule Pack

We also like Tippmann's Gryphon Value pack. The .68 caliber paintball marker is reliable, lightweight and compact, making it great for new players. The Gryphon has a 10-inch ported barrel and a blade trigger with a smooth pull. The set also includes high-performance goggles. 

Empire Halo Too Matte Black Electronic Feeder

You won't want to miss the deal on the Empire Halo Too Matte Black Electronic Feeder. The anti-jam feature allows for continuous ball feed and can hold up to 180 balls. Normally this product sells for $79.99, but if you buy it in-store you can take it home for $59.99. We'll also be running a special on Valken Battle Machine Airsoft Guns. If you buy any of their guns, we'll throw in a free battery and charger. 

If you're interested in buying equipment or purchasing a SplatterPark gift card for the enthusiasts on your list, contact us today!